The Best Wine Club Gifts in 2020


Wine gift baskets are fantastic presents for oenophiles and wine enthusiasts that never fail to impress. Whether you opt for a large wine box, a wine of the month club membership, or a wine voucher, you’ll be sure to put a smile on the face of your friend, colleague or loved one.

The number of excellent wine clubs in the US has been increasing steadily over the years, and today there’s a wide selection of gifts for wine lovers available from clubs across the country and beyond.

Whether your gift recipient enjoys easy-drinking California whites or would prefer to sample some of the finest reds from the Bordeaux region, there’s a wine gift box that will suit their palate – and your budget.

If you’d like to send wine as a gift but haven’t done so before, you may be wondering how the whole thing works. Here’s what you’ll need to know before you place your order.

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Check State Delivery Requirements

The convenience of home delivery is one of the fantastic aspects of wine clubs – but there’s a catch: not every state allows wine shipments within its borders.

Depending on state laws, which do indeed vary, you may or may not be able to order wine club gifts for delivery in the state where your gift recipient lives. At the time of writing, the following states do not allow direct wine shipments: Rhode Island, Delaware, Kentucky, Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas, and Utah.

Additionally, Washington D.C., Florida, Minnesota, and Alaska allow wine shipments with some restrictions.

Wine box providers are well aware of these delivery restrictions, and you’ll find a drop-down menu of states where delivery is possible based on chosen your wine gift supplier’s website. Simply select the state where you’d like your wine delivered, and you can continue the order process.

Wine Gifts Presentation

Your wine gift set may come in a range of packages, from boxes to baskets – but one thing they have in common is elegant presentation.

As a premium product, wine should always look good, and you can expect high-quality presentation boxes and baskets from the best wine club, including from those featured below in our article.

The optics of a well-wrapped box or nicely arranged basket can’t be understated, and your gift recipient will truly appreciate the finishing touches that wine clubs put on their boxes.

In addition to wrapping, you can opt to include a custom message with your wine gift. This will appear on a card or elegant letter accompanying your gift.

Choose the Most Appropriate Wine for the Gift

There are wine lovers who like to sample every varietal and wine-growing region of the world, and then there are specialists who only drink aged Cabernet Sauvignon or are proud members of a white wine club.

Knowing what type of wine your gift recipient enjoys is essential because it will drastically increase their chances of enjoying your wine subscription gift.

Wine gifts usually take the form of a selection, either white or red wines from a certain region – with a dessert wine thrown in for good measure. There are also specialist boxes that cater to those of us who only like reds or whites.

Some of the best wine gifts for special occasions are focused on champagne drinkers, offering a fabulous bottle of bubbly or two – sometimes with beautiful crystal champagne flutes included.

Keep the Gift Budget Alive

The same rule that applies to most products definitely holds true in the world of wine: quality comes at a price. That being said, there are some great value wine box gifts that will satisfy even the pickiest palate without breaking the bank.

The average wine club membership starts around the $40 per month mark, and that’s certainly true of the wine box providers we’ll be highlighting later on. If you’re giving a gift subscription, you should budget between $40-$50 a month, including shipping, at the very least.

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Best Gift Boxes

The best wine gift boxes deliver quality, variety, and drinkability right to your recipient’s door. They may also feature exclusive gifts like an engraved wine box. From tasting vials of the world’s best wines to easy-drinking cases of mixed wines perfect for a party or dinner, there’s a huge variety of excellent gift boxes out there.

By keeping your budget and your recipients taste in wine in mind, you’ll soon narrow down your choices to a few of the best wine gift baskets. The next step is to be adventurous – gift them the box you’d most like to receive if you were them.

Best Wine Clubs Gifts

Wine clubs offer a variety of gifts as part of their offerings including vouchers, wine glasses, and wine accessories like designer corkscrews.

Depending on the club and package you choose, you could surprise your recipient with delicious wine, beautifully presented with a memorable gift.

Top 4 Gift Wine Clubs

If you’re keen to place your order for a wine basket delivery, you may be wondering which is the best wine subscription. While every club has its own strengths, we’ve selected three of the best wine subscription websites that we believe are excellent choices for first time buyers.

We all love wine and no one can turn down a free bottle, especially when it’s sourced from Winc, one of America’s most reputable wine clubs. The site offers plenty of pre-made gift packages that work perfectly for all occasions, whether it’s for a loved one or to win over a new client. Rather than expect you to do all the deciding, Winc lets you leave it up to that special someone to decide what products to get, so you don’t risk getting them something they don’t enjoy.

With a gift card, you can choose how much you’re prepared to spend and can personalize the presentation however you like. All your recipient needs to do is redeem their gift card at a time that suits them and create a tailored wine package that can be enjoyed with their favorite dishes, their friends, or to drink alone if they’d prefer that.

Their selection of reds, whites, rose and dessert wines includes some of the best-known wineries in the US and abroad. You can opt to send a bottle of wine, a case of wine, or give a gift voucher through their site. Their gift boxes start from $50.


Vinebox gives its customers a unique opportunity to sample the very best wines from around the world – by the glass. Only the top 1% of the wines they sample are selected for inclusion in their monthly wine subscription box. Nine vials of top-tier wine will be shipped to your recipient’s address each month at a cost of $79 per box.

Wine Insiders

Wine Insiders is an award-winning club with more than 1000 accolades. The company is great for everyone and all budgets, and just like a nice bottle of wine, it’s best shared with a friend or a loved one. Besides purchasing a membership for a loved one, Wine Insiders offers a number of gift options that are perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, or just as a way to say thank you.

There’s a huge selection of options to choose from with gifts tailored to meet everyone’s needs. You can get up to 15 bottles at once, from a variety of regions or just the one, and there are plenty of price points to suit all budgets. Wine Insiders is known for having excellent customer service, so tell a member of its team what your loved one likes, and they’ll help create a gift that’s totally unique and is made to suit them.

Naked Wines

Though Naked Wines doesn’t provide gifts explicitly, there aren’t many better wine clubs that can offer what this company can. Gifting a friend or a loved one a membership here means more than just a few nice glasses or expensive bottles of wine. You’re providing the opportunity to support independent winemakers across the world by contributing to their development and becoming a part of their story. You have the chance to offer a loved to be a part of the winemaking process, with true knowledge of where every bottle has come from.

Naked Wines plays an important role in aligning winemakers with customers and helps to create meaningful relationships. The contributions you make of just $40 per month can be used to purchase bottles of wine or as investments into these local, independent wineries. You get accessive to exclusive products from all over the world and there’s a no-risk guarantee with every purchase.

Naked Wines is an innovative British company that offers customers direct access to organic wines grown by independent farmers. Their gift boxes are reasonably priced, with single-bottle sets starting from £15 (approximately $20).

My Conclusion

When it comes to unique wine gifts, excellent variety, and affordable pricing, we believe that the selection available from, Vinebox and Naked Wines has something for everyone.

With home delivery, boxing, and wrapping included, these gifts for wine drinkers deliver in terms of taste, convenience and wow factor. If you’re planning to send wine as a gift to a relative, friend, colleague or client, don’t hesitate to browse their catalogs of delicious wines to uncover the optimal gift selection.