The Most Popular Wine Club Plans of 2020

The past few years have seen an explosion in the number of wine box plans out there – and that’s great news for those of us who love our wine. While variety is always a good thing, it’s essential to know what each wine of the month club has to offer before you place your order.

As you read on, I’ll introduce you to some of the best wine clubs and let you take a peek inside the box to get a good idea of what they have to offer. Whether you’re planning to give a wine club gift to a friend, relative, client, or colleague, you’ll be able to make the best gift choice possible for their preferred tastes once you know what each package has to offer.

If you’re considering a wine club membership for yourself, we’ll go deep into the details you should know before subscribing. Once you’ve learned more about each wine club and the various wines they provide, you’ll be able to make the best choice to suit your unique palate as well as your monthly budget.

How Much Do Wine Clubs Cost?

One of the first things you may be wondering is, how much does it cost to start a club membership? To answer, it all depends on how many bottles of wine you’d like to receive and how often.

Another question that may arise is how much does a case of wine cost when you buy it through a wine club? Most monthly subscriptions start around the $40 mark and increase according to the quantity and quality of wine desired.

When you subscribe to a wine club, your box wine cost and wine bottle cost will almost always be lower than buying each bottle individually at a wine retailer. Better yet, a wine club membership likely includes delivery right to your door, saving you the hassle of going to the store and lugging around crates of wine.

While the best value wine club will start you off at under $50 for a good selection of easy drinking wines, there are premium options that also offer great value to seasoned wine lovers. As your wine and gold membership cost increases, so will the quality and rarity of the wines you receive.

Let’s start by taking a look at the best value wine clubs out there.

What Is The Cheapest Wine Club?

Where’s the best cheap wine near me? That’s a question I get a lot. If you’re looking for delicious wine on a budget, here are some options to consider. When it comes to cheap wine bottles, The California Wine Club is a great place to begin. With boxes starting at under $50 a month and a great variety of wines, this club is great for newcomers to the world of wine.

Some other affordable wine clubs include the Gold Medal Wine Club ($39 a month) and Wine Awesomeness ($45 a month). If you love premium wine but don’t want to invest in bottles or cases of expensive wine at first , VINEBOX may be a good affordable wine option. For $29 a month, you can taste some of the world’s best wines through the mail.

I’ll cover some of the most popular affordable wine club packages below – but first let’s find out more about wine subscriptions and how they work.  

What Is A Subscription Box?

If this is the first time you’re considering a wine subscription, you may be wondering how it works. Here’s the good news: it couldn’t be simpler.

A wine subscription box is a great way to enjoy a selection of delicious wines that pair well with a variety of food. That’s because they are selected by expert tasters to suit almost every palate. Giving a wine subscription gift works exactly the same as buying a subscription for yourself. All you’ll need to do is visit the wine club’s website, select the package of your choice, pay, and wait for delivery.

Choosing the best wine subscription for your taste and budget is simple. Here’s what you need to know before you buy your first monthly wine subscription.

What Should I Check Before I Start A Plan With A Wine Club?

With so many wine box plans out there, it’s important to know exactly what you’re getting before you join. There are three important things to keep in mind:

  • How much you’ll be paying per month or quarter
  • How much wine you’ll get for your money – and how often
  • What type and variety of wine you’ll receive

There are wine plans that offer several bottles a month, a dozen bottles a quarter, or even vials of wine that are equal to one tasting glass each. Knowing how much wine to expect for your subscription fee is essential to avoid confusion and disappointment.

To find out more, you can visit a popular club plan website like the ones we’ll list below and browse all the plans they have available.

Best Plans

  • Gift sets for loved ones
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Martha Stewart wines

visit site

  • Complimentary Gift Bottle
  • Voucher Code
  • Support’s Small Boutique Wineries

visit site

  • VINEBOX Advent Calendar
  • Seasonally Intuitive Wine Box
  • Rare Wine

visit site

There Is Any Help/Instructions If I Am New At This?

Choosing the best wine package can be tricky, but fortunately, help is at hand. Every wine club has a website, and most of them have blogs too. These are full of useful information for first-time subscribers.

Knowing whether to expect small wine bottles, tasting vials, or generous table wines for your next get-together is crucial – and you’ll find all of this info on the wine club’s website. Small bottles of wine are the norm for some clubs like VINEBOX wine club, which gives subscribers the option of ordering full sized bottles of their favorite wines at a discount after they’ve tasted them.

If you’d like to know more about each wine club, you can always read our online reviews to get a real sense of what each one has to offer.

Can I Cancel My Membership?

Once your wine club membership is active, you’ll receive wines on a monthly or quarterly basis.

If you’d like to cancel your wine membership, simply visit the wine club’s website and log in to manage your account – or call their support line and ask the representative to do it for you.

When you give someone a wine club membership gift, it’s usually for a period of one year. When the membership is due to be renewed, the club will contact you and ask whether you’d like to approve the renewal.

Since you’ll be paying for it each month or quarter, choosing the best wine club membership is truly important – and sometimes, you just need to taste before you buy.

Can I have some wine tasting before I become a member?

If you like to know how your wine tastes before you order them, a  tasting room wine club could be the ideal option for you. Moreover, to ensure that you order the best tasting cheap wine, you can attend tasting events in your area hosted by your wine club.

Most cities also have a wine tasting club – often more than one – where a selection of great tasting wine is available to taste and order. If you don’t have time to attend wine tastings, wine clubs that offer by-the-glass tasting samples are a great alternative.

Did It Have Delivery To My Town

Every online wine club has a wine delivery service that brings delicious wines from around the world right to your door. The best wine delivery service will deliver nationwide – but there are some states that are too far to receive free deliveries. These may include Hawaii and Alaska.

Now, you may be wondering: are there any wine shipping boxes near me? Where can I find the best wine clubs near me that suit my needs?  In many cases, it pays to take a closer look at the wine club evaluated in my reviews to understand where they can deliver, what locations are eligible, and which locations are too distant to receive services.

What To Do In Case The Wine Is Not Good?

Wine clubs aim to provide the best wine in each price category – and as a subscriber, you can look forward to several tasty bottles each month or quarter.

If the wine you receive isn’t good, either because of the taste or any other reason, you can write wine reviews and let the club and other customers know about your experience. In some cases, if the wine doesn’t meet your expectations, especially in the case of broken wine bottles, you can reach the wine club directly for return instructions or other reimbursement options.

Furthermore, A wine insiders review is a great way to share information about wines and find out which wine clubs delight their customers with great wine and excellent service.

Wine Gifts Are Included In My Membership?

Each wine club offers some great wine gifts, and as a new subscriber, you may be eligible to receive a wine gift box with your first shipment.

Giving a wine club gift to friends and relatives is easy once you’re a subscriber. You can add multiple shipments per month to your order, and customize your wine subscription gift according to your budget.

How Many Plans Does Each Brand Have?

Each wine club offers a premium wine subscription, with many of them offering more affordable options too. It all depends on your budget and how much wine you like to drink.

As a premium wine lover, you may want to invest in the club’s flagship wine box. You’ll receive several high-quality wines each month, complete with tasting notes and a profile of each winery.

The various wine clubs have different wine box plans. The best thing you can do before you buy is to browse the available wine plans yourself and decide which one suits you the best.

Do I have Any Insurance On The Bottles?

When choosing the best wine club, you’ll want to keep delivery and insurance in mind.

Even if your club delivers small wine bottles to your home each month, there’s a small risk that one of them could accidentally break during transit. Cheap wine bottles can break just as easily as expensive ones – but fortunately, most wine clubs offer full insurance on the wine they ship to you.

When you open your package to confirm how many bottles of wine in a box you have received, make sure that each bottle is in good condition. If any of the bottles are cracked or broken, let your wine club know right away.

Last Tips

Now that you know all about the wine club you’d like to join, you can get ready to enjoy some of the best wine out there. Choosing the best wine of the month club and wine subscription is a matter of knowing what wine you prefer and how often you’d like to receive a wine shipment.

While you wait for your first box of wine to arrive, you can get ready to enjoy it to the fullest by searching for the wines it contains. You may even want to order another one as a wine gift box for a friend or colleague.

As a wine club member, you’ll enjoy the benefits of a curated selection of wines and special discounts on wine purchases. Now it’s time to sit back and enjoy some of the best wines available from around the globe.